“Today’s events in New York and Miami highlight the hypocrisy, ineffectiveness, transactional nature and outright failure of US policy towards Cuba,” said Collin Laverty, President of Cuba Educational Travel. “It’s sad to see the same failed policy of 60 plus years continued for domestic political reasons at the cost of US businesses and workers and Cuban families in the United States and on the island.”

189 countries voted to condemn the US embargo of Cuba, strongly displaying the international community’s discontent, many nations voicing their displeasure about the extraterritorial nature of US sanctions, which prohibit their right to freely do business with the island. Meanwhile, Bolton (add full name and title) visited Miami to beat the ideological, hate drum in an attempt to rally emotional, ideological voters to turn out and save a number of hardline Congressional candidates that are at risk of losing their seats on November 6th. 

“Reps Diaz-Balart, Curbelo, and Maria Elvira Salazar are running scared as the changing demographics in South Florida mean many Cuban-Americans no longer vote based on hatred of Fidel Castro, with the majority supporting engagement with the island,” added Laverty. “The last-minute attempt to rally voters with hatred and emotion is a pathetic political move that divided families have had to suffer through for too long.”  

“Making it harder for US and international companies to trade with and invest in Cuba only hurts the Cuban people, US workers and the US standing in the world,” added Laverty. “The same Cubans, Venezuelans and other Latinos that Bolton hopes to rally through his speech and new measures are the ones that have suffered from the counterproductive policies of family separation and regime-change that have failed miserably.”