Is it legal to travel to Cuba as an american?

Yes, it legal and straightforward. CET designs trips that are fully compliant with US restrictions and will ensure that your trip is fully legal. In 2018, the US State Department removed the Level 3 Travel Warning for Cuba, and Cuba is now deemed as safe as countries like Italy, Germany, France, and Denmark by the State Department.

Is Cuba safe?

Yes, Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world for tourists. In 2018, Cuba was given the "Safest Country" title at Madrid's International Tourism Fair. There are strict gun and drug laws, meaning crime levels are extremely low and violent crime is almost nonexistent.

I don’t typically do tours or group travel. How flexible can the programs be?

CET isn’t a traditional tour operator. We leverage our relationships in Cuba to provide unique, behind the scenes access and activities that are not touristy and are difficult/impossible to access. We customize trips to client’s interests, ranging from little baseball players to guitar aficionados to students of Cuba's politics and history. For official delegations, CET works with our Cuban counterparts on the ground to ensure unparalleled access to official meetings and activities. 

Should I stay at a hotel or a casa?

The quality of both hotels and casa particulares (Cuban Airbnb's) has gone up substantially in recent years. At most hotels in Cuba you will find access to internet and the usual 3-4 star hotel fair, (except for the 2 luxury hotels on the island). Casas provide their own special charm, many located in refurbished colonial homes with gracious hosts and homemade breakfasts. For bigger groups of families or friends it's possible to rent out an entire colonial mansion, which can be a great option and very fun for the groups. The casa owners are all members of the burgeoning private sector in Cuba, which Americans are encouraged to support on their visit to Cuba. 

Will I have internet and cell phone access?

Cuba remains refreshingly disconnected. Mobile data on Cuban cell phones is very rare so people still talk to one another, and look each other in the eyes. That said, all major carriers now offer roaming in Cuba and Wifi is accessible in hotels and certain public parks/locations so travelers can remain connected while in Cuba. We recommend downloading two apps that function offline in Cuba: ALaMesa, a Cuban "Yelp" with restaurant locations and addresses, and, an app with offline maps.