Roughly once a month, we’ll send out an update on all things happening at CET and in Cuba.

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Nov 2018: Cuba Is Where It’s At

Cuba is as dynamic, innovative, creative, interesting and fun as ever. There’s so much going on and so little time to soak it all up. We at CET feel blessed to work in such an invigorating place and have the privilege of connecting visitors to a truly unique island and people. Keep your eyes peeled for the endless array of special events happening in Cuba. Whether you’ll be here with us in 2019 or are living vicariously through the CET newsletter, below are past events we loved and future events we’re looking forward to…

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Sept 2018: What’s New With CET & Cuba

There’s a lot happening with Cuba, CET and our partners on the frontlines! To take advantage of demand for corporate events on the island we’ve launched HabanaLive; our favorite band Cimafunk is making waves; Cubans are preparing for a very special New Year’s Eve; and CET president Collin Laverty weighs in on internet in Cuba and the State Department Travel Advisory…


Aug 2018: Be In The Know With CET

Greetings from Cuba, where incredible people, landscapes and excursions await you. Whether visiting for the first time or returning for more, the island provides unique, unparalleled experiences that will leave you captivated, curious and content. CET President Collin Laverty broke it down recently with Startup Cuba.