Building bridges

Cuba Educational Travel's mission is to connect the people of the United States and Cuba. This is done through coordinating travel between both countries – in both directions – to facilitate two-way learning; as well as producing studies and publications about issues of mutual concern and organizing events in the United States that deal with issues related to Cuba and U.S.-Cuba relations. 


CET routinely sponsors the travel of Cuban artists and entrepreneurs to the United States for conferences, workshops, and classes. In July 2017, CET brought seven Cuban entrepreneurs who had never left Cuba to attend a small business workshop at Indiana University.   CET has also assisted a number of Cuban cultural groups to perform in the United States, and numerous Cuban academics to present at US academic institutions.








With hundreds of repeat clients, and a strong and extensive team on the ground, our trips build lasting relationships between our clients and our people in Cuba. Throughout its existence, CET has given back to the entrepreneurs and artists we work with on the island, creating programs, exchanges and two-way learning opportunities.  

CET has brought countless Congressional delegations to Cuba for fact-finding trips, market research, and official meetings. We are dedicated to doing our part to change US policy towards Cuba, promoting open exchanges and freedom of movement for Americans. Your trip to Cuba with CET is more than just a vacation. It is a part of the bettering of relations between the people of the United States and Cuba. 

What do Cubans have to say about President Trump's new Cuba policy? CET's second installment of "Cubans Speak" shows the importance of American tourism in Cuba's new private sector.

Lost in the discourse of US-Cuba relations are the voices of the thousands of Cuban families directly affected by a regression in US policy. Here are their voices, saying enough is enough.

Hurricane Irma hit Cuba hard this September. Cuban recovery efforts hit back twice as hard -- and Cuban restaurant owners, Airbnb hosts, musicians, and artists want you to know that Cuba is open for business.