Here’s why Cuba should be at the top of your list for your President’s Club

Your top sales performers have been to countless luxury beach resorts for President’s Club trips. They start to blur in the memory. Was that in Costa Rica? Or no, Mexico, right? Don’t rinse and repeat this year—go bold and different, with a Club trip to Cuba. Something that your team will always remember.

7 reasons for why this is a really good idea:

1.     This is how you’ll get from A to B.

Photo by Nick Onken

Photo by Nick Onken

2. Rooftop parties overlooking an untouched waterfront with world-renowned musical performances.


3. Cuba’s unique environment amplifies team bonding and stimulates new ideas - just ask Netflix!     


4. There is a culinary world beyond Cubano sandwiches. Update your repertoire of Cuban cuisine.


5, Cigars so fresh you can smell the molasses they were cured in. This must be healthy, right?


6. Santiago de Cuba 11 Years. Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros. Rum that you’ll want to sip—neat. Time to graduate from the Captain Morgan punch.


7. The joyous calls of kids playing in the streets at night. Remember when this happened in America? This is nostalgia. And it happens to be safe, too.


We’ve got the basics covered: luxury accommodations, direct flights from all major American airlines, a simple visa process. Contact Megumi at to start planning.

Megumi Gordon