Havana, the City of Love

Havana has long been considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. Cubans and foreigners alike (and sometimes together) are overcome by the beauty, charm and intimacy of the city and the people, making Havana a place where millions of couples have fallen for each other. Below are some of the reasons why Havana is sure to get your heart beating and emotions running, and perhaps find love. 

  • Sunsets on the Malecon. Couples embrace with crashing waves, passing traffic and the sun setting in the distance.
  • Plazas & Cobblestone Streets of Old Havana. Rivaling beautiful European settings, the Old City’s charm is a lover’s paradise.
  • Beautiful People. Being surrounded by beauty makes you put on your best outfit and smile and feel beautiful, loved and loving yourself.
  • The Way Cubans Move. Cubans don’t only dance, they walk, talk and greet with rhythm, attitude and affection.
  • Music Everywhere. Bars, bicycle taxis and households push out salsa, reggaeton and pop, keeping everyone head bobbing, smiling and often times, shaking their hips.
  • Shared taxis. Nothing is more intimate and spontaneous than shared taxis (yep, piling into old American cars), whether trying to get to a meeting or at the end of a wild night, bringing you closer to your surroundings and those surrounding you.
  • Safety and Openness. Such a safe country with warm, welcoming people brings you into the homes, hearts and arms of people quicker than usual.  
  • Frozen in Time. Before smart phones, Instagram and in-your-face information were the days of long walks, good conversation and enjoying time with your significant other.
  • Sensuality. The Caribbean heat, limited role of the Catholic Church and other factors result in an open and sexual society, coming out in conversations, miradas (looks), flirting and dancing.
  • Rum & Cigars. Mojitos, Daquiris and Cohibas are sensual and captivating.
  • Unique Settings. There is no other place on earth like Havana, and smells, scenes and emotions of daily life and wild nights bring out different feelings, making you close to those around you.
  • Family. In Cuba, family is first, and Cubans wear it on their sleeves, making friendship, relationships and love are ever-present.
  • Caribbean Sea. Whether you make it to the turquoise water and white sand of Havana’s beaches or enjoy the sparkling sun on the city currents, the surrounding waters remind you you’re in paradise.
Collin Laverty