Cimafunk Causes Chaos at Fabrica de Arte

Cimafunk, 2018’s hottest Cuban band, showed on Friday night just how captivated the Cuban public is with the group’s funky sound. The Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC), always a hot spot with long lines, saw a fury of Cimafunk followers filling the surrounding streets, jockeying for a chance to get in and see the young sensation. According to FAC, the venue, which has hosted international acts like Usher and Dave Mathews and endless Cuban stars, has never seen a crowd like the one Cimafunk drew over the weekend. A snake-wrapped line extended blocks from the entrance over an hour before FAC opened and closer to show time a sea of fans filled all surrounding streets, creating a scene like none before. It came as no surprise following a September concert at El Sauce – a historic outdoor concert hall – that saw hundreds of fans left outside due to capacity.

Photo: Vision 361

Photo: Vision 361


La Tropical: La Prueba de Fuego (The Ultimate Test)

Cimafunk’s “Me Voy” is dominating Cuban airwaves and has been the number one video clip on the Lucas for multiple weeks. The fame has not been contained to the island, as the Cuban funk has made its way to Europe, Latin America and fills the air in Miami’s clubs, bars and streets. Okay Africa described Cimafunk as forward-looking Cuban artist who's crash landed on our radar with Me Voy.” When Richard Branson’s Virgin announced in October Cuba as its main destination of its new cruise line Virgin Voyages, Cimafunk performed for company executives celebrating the news. This month the group served as the opening act for a Google-sponsored fashion show to open fashion week. In essence, everyone wants a piece of Cimafunk!

This Saturday, December 1st the group will take over La Tropical, which Cubans refer to as “la prueba de fuego”, or, the ultimate test. “El que llena la Tropical esta pegao’. (If you fill La Tropical, you’re a hit). Don’t miss it!

Saturday, December 1st, 9 pm – 2 am, El Salón Rosado de la Tropical.

Fabrica de Arte with Paul Oakenfold

Cimafunk will return to Fabrica de Arte on Wednesday, December 5th as a guest of world renowned DJ Paul Oakenfold. The Rave Party will feature international and Cuban DJs playing sets at different stages throughout FAC and  special performances by Yasek Manzano, Yissy Garcia and Cimafunk.

Cimafunk is sure to fill La Tropical this weekend and FAC again next weekend, and it won’t be long until their hits are filling venues outside of Cuba as well…stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 5th, 8pm-1am, Fabrica de Arte Cubano

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Collin Laverty